Book re NWICO & WSIS — September 20, 2016

Book re NWICO & WSIS

From NWICO to WSIS: 30 Years of Communication Geopolitics Actors and Flows, Structures and Divides, edited by Divina Frau-Meigs, Jérémie Nicey, Patricio Tupper, Michael Palmer and Julia Pohle. Intellect Books, 2012.

Through extensive research and testimonies from those involved, this book presents an in-depth account from the 1970s to the present of the major issues concerning information flow in international geopolitics, including a look at the negotiations surrounding the major policy debates.

Few studies of NWICO and WSIS have considered the continuity between the two activities – or included in the debate the crucial intermediary period between – and this book provides new insight into an issue of multilingual and multicultural importance.

Some NWICO Resources —

Some NWICO Resources

Many Voices, One World (the MacBride Commission Report), originally released in 1980 and republished by Rowman and Littlefield.

Colleen Roach. The MacBride Roundtable on Communications.

Ulla Carlsson – The Rise and Fall of NWICO: From a Vision of International Regulation to a Reality of Multilevel Governance, Nordicom.

Divina Frau-Meigs, et al, From NWICO to WSIS: 30 Years of Communication Geopolitics — Actors and Flow, Structures and Divides, Intellect Books, 2012

Anthony Smith. The Geopolitics of Information: How Western Culture Dominates the World. (Faber & Faber, 1980).

Cees Hamelink, “McBride with Hindsight,” pp. 69-93; Colleen Roach, “The Western World and the NWICO: United They Stand?”, pp. 94-116; and Richard C. Vincent, “The Future of the Debate: Setting an Agenda for a New World Information and Communication Order, Ten Proposals,” pp. 175-207 in Beyond Cultural Imperialism: Globalization, communication & the new international order, ed. Peter Golding and Phil Harris (Sage, 1997).