Right to Be Forgotten — October 25, 2016

Right to Be Forgotten

From Al Jazeera 2014

From the Guardian

From EU –  FactSheet

Jeffrey Toobin – The Solace of Oblivion – The New Yorker, September 29, 2014

CNN-on right to be forgotten, Sept.15, 2014

Google Wants You to Share Everything — September 28, 2016

Google Wants You to Share Everything

Janet Davidson, CBC News, October 16, 2013: Google’s ‘shared endorsement’ ads spark user backlash.

In the Wild West world of online advertising, Google is hoping to add a new weapon to its already formidable arsenal: your name and face.

The internet behemoth is planning to deploy names and photos of users of its Google Plus social network and reviews they’ve made there to pitch products to their online friends and tout the quaint little neighbourhood restaurant.

Google is offering users a way to opt out of these new “shared endorsements.”But the plan that is expected to launch next month has already sparked a backlash…

Google and the World Brain — September 27, 2016