Older resources from zone505

Privacy Education and Youth

Media Awareness Network – Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three Cyberpigs and Privacy Pirates

Gaming Privacy:   Atmosphere Industries, Edge Lab, Ryerson and OPC Contribution Program

Smokescreen, an online game about a  social network site created by Six to Start for Channel 4.

Privacy Activism: Networked – Carabella on the Run.

Terra Incognita (September 28, 2007) Workshop on Children’s Privacy Education, 29th Int. Conf. of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

Zynga’s PrivacyVille
article on TechCrunch about it

Office of the Privacy Commissioner Canada – YouthPrivacy.ca
–example of Grades 7 & 8 presentation

-Facebook, Teens and Privacy: What Parents Should Know(presentation by Kristin Yates,  Senior Education Officer at OPC)

Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner Ontario on youth and online privacy

American Library Association Youth and Privacy
conference in 2011, with video talks with Cory Doctorow, a video overview of the conference, a blogpost on ideas for moving privacy education into libraries (with some interesting ideas!), a video featuring a panel about high school youth and privacy. and an overview video about the project
–also Privacy Revolution
-and Data Privacy 2012 conference, some resources on youth and privacy from the National Cyber Security Alliance

Edudemic-The Ultimate Guide to Online Privacy – a bevy of resources

Berkman Center for Internet & Society – Born Digital re Privacy

Please Rob Me –  Raising Awareness About Over-Sharing

ACLU – Ordering Pizza

Mobile Active’s Safer Mobile –  https://safermobile.org/: “helps you use mobile technology more securely”.

Geolocation on Your Mobile Web:

Secure Mobile Browsing

Safer Passwords